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    Take orders EHOMAKI
    Date : 2022.08.27

    On Setsubun day, along with the Mamemaki custom, the Japanese also have the custom of eating Ehoumaki – a very popular seaweed-rolled sushi. This custom is said to have appeared in Kansai in the Edo period. If regular Norimaki is cut into bite-sized chunks, ehoumaki is left in a whole roll because the Japanese believe that cutting Ehoumaki will affect the luck of the new year. A traditional Ehoumaki roll requires 7 different fillings. These 7 types of kernels will represent Shichifukujin – 7 lucky gods. Some common ingredients used to make Ehomaki are Kanpyo, sakura denbu, kyuuri, tamago, shitake, benishoga, ebi… symbolizing health, happiness and prosperity.

    During this year’s Setsubun holiday, at Namara hokkaido we are pleased to serve you the traditional Japanese Ehoumaki. If you are a lover of Japanese culture, give us a call to order this uniquely flavored dish.

    Price of Ehoumaki: 200,000VND/roll, 100,000VND/half roll.
    Above prices are inclusive of 10% VAT.
    We accept orders until the end of February 1 and delivery on February 3.
    From 23rd to 29th due to Tet holiday Wifi may be weak and may be difficult to connect. We hope our customers understand.

    Contact information: 0931-777-144

    Address: 14A1, Road 38, Quoc Huong, Thao Dien, District 2, HCMC.


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